MARC SHOT THIS is a Southern California based photography company born from Marc Saunders' passion for capturing all the best experiences in life!
Marc celebrates PEOPLE with candid situational photography.  He commemorates EVENTS with portrait style photography from a unique perspective. MARC SHOT THIS photographs NATURE artfully capturing the beauty in landscapes, scenery, and decor.
Marc is a "big softy" under a strong exterior with a gift that he would love to share with you.  Please take a moment to view examples of his work, then fill out our contact form for additional information.

With lots of experience and high-tech cameras, we can capture stunning portraits for everlasting memories - 

especially senior year portraits...

Professional photography of events such as like graduations,weddings, conventions, prom/homecoming, birthday parties...

Ranging from landscapes to cloudscapes to any kind of picturesque still photography, we can capture the most astonishing angles... 


Marc Shot This - Contact Info


Location:  Walnut, California 91789

Phone:  (909) 551-1757

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